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Creator II
Creator II

Expression Issue

Hi All,

here i attached exl and qvw file.

my problem is that i have fixed the dimenssion eg(Apr 2013)

and in expression i have written Sum(qty)

then it show Apr 2013 Sum(qty)

but my requirment is for fixed dimension eg(Apr 2013)

i need in expression Apr 2013 Sum(qty) as well as

Apr 2012 Sum(qty)

please help...!!!

2 Replies

You can't use the MonthYear field that way in both the calculated dimension and the set analysis expression. What you can do is remove the calculated dimension and use two set analysis expressions that both are fixed to a specific month:

2013: sum({<MonthYear = {'Apr 2013'}>}qty)

2012: sum({<MonthYear = {'Apr 2012'}>}qty)

See attached qvw.

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Gysbert ,

thanks for the reply

i want to make it dynamic as per your solution for every month i have to write a expression , which is not feasible.

so please tell any other way

Actually what i want

Dimension ->   

month year         Apr 2013

expresion          sum(<Apr 2013>qty) *  sum(<Apr 2012>qty)

in the same way for May 2013 and so on.