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Expression Value Missing for some rows

1.) I have a lookup table used for assigning bucket values based on a calculated percentage. A bucket is assigned based on whether it falls in between the low and high range.

BucketLow RangeHigh RangeStart DateEnd Date

2.) The 2 relevant columns on my report are Compliance % and Bucket. I am using a "Straight Table" by the way.

      My Bucket expression is defined as so (vEndDate is a variable that is set to 03/15/2014):

  = if ( $(vEndDate) >= DATE(START_DATE) AND $(vEndDate) <= DATE(END_DATE),

     if( [Compliance %] >= LOW_RANGE AND [Compliance %] <= HIGH_RANGE, BUCKET)


3.) I am having a weird issue where a bucket value is displayed correctly for some rows and for other is does not for some reason.

Sample Output:


Compliance %Bucket
98.302 -
97.256 -

Not sure where the problem is - I don't see any particular pattern in the rows that have a bucket value vs the others that do not.

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