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Expression in bookmark is not saved

I have a problem with bookmarks, when I save them the expressions is lost.

The current selections box showing the expression


Then I save the bookmark, with “Include Selections in bookmark” and “make bookmark apply on top of current selections” checked.

But when I clear selections and then choose my bookmark the expression is lost… the current selections box should show the expression?


Where did the expression go?

Thanks in advance

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I had this similar problem, but when I tried to create a sample qvw to upload for my own question I downloaded the latest version (12.10 at this time) of QlikView.

In that version I was actually NOT able to recreate the problem, so it might actually be that you are on older version that has this problem. I have definitively had it several times before att different companies, so it might actually just be a version problem.

My experience has been that the typical problem has just occured for 1-value selections (like Today() or Today()-1), while it has been the Advanced Search when the result has included more values, e.g. >=TODAY()-30.

(One workaround I have previously worked with is actually to export the faulty bookmark, modify it in Notepad and import it.)

Kind regards


Creator III
Creator III

I know this thread is dated, but I just came across this (again) and remember I solved a few years ago and I'm sure others may find it useful.  Clever Niklas, for solving this by editing the XML of the bookmark directly, I thought I was the only one who did crazy stuff like that 😃

The default behavior in QlikView is that, if a search string returns one and only one value, the literal value will be stored in the bookmark as opposed to the search string.  The BC_SearchOnlyOneValue Easter Egg can be used to change this behavior.  This can be changed in the Settings dialog in Desktop by right-clicking the QlikView icon on the Help > About screen.  Change the value to 1 to store the search string instead of the (single) calculated value.