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Creator III
Creator III

Expression not working ?

Hi All ,

Please suggest why the expression is not working - "Prev 3 months Sales Units".

as mentioned in the screenshot.


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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Hi Suvechha,

What would be an expected output for this expression with this product selected?

There's not much to go on here with only the screenshot.

Below is what I get when I open the provided app and only thing I can tell is that you don't have the "period_key" field with the values you need on the loaded tables.


Only value for the field is 190 and your expression is giving period_key >=187 and <= 189 from the set analysis


Specialist III
Specialist III

I agree with Felipe. You need to load more data. The QVW you attached has only two dates in your Date/Calendar table.

Also you have synthetic keys in the data model that you might need  to fix.