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Expression writing assitance


Forgive this if you are an experienced qlikview user as this maybe a newbie question of the highest order. I am currently trying to put together a dashboard based upon numerous tables and mapping tables for a survey. When I am producing a pie chart I wish to display the results received as well as split this by the person sex, which is again held in another table.

The first stage is producing the values that we would anticipate, using the below expression.

Count(if(question_a_id = 3, answer_value))

When we attempt to define the sex of the interviewee, this does not produce the result we would anticipate and it does not appear to filter this down. We are attempting to do like for like comparisons of the answers across a number of different charts and responses received.  Any help in defining this would be gratefully received.


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Not sure I completely understand, but you can use set analysis for this:

count({<question_a_id = {3}>} answer_value)

If you upload an example, it will be easier to help you.