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Extracting Images from SAP

Hi Qlikians,

I have tried alot of diffrent things but couldn't get a clue how to extract bmp files saved in SAP as RAWSTRING datatype in Qlikview application. I am also attaching a sample qv app in which u can see what type of data i am getting when i fetch the BMP (images) field from SAP. I have tried info load everything but nothing is working Urgent help is highly appreciated.

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QlikView uses a Bundle Info Load to load images into QlikView. This requires that the images are stored in a folder.



User, // being the id in your case

'images\' & User & '.jpg' as UserPicture // assuming username.jpg are your file names


Next, when you create your listbox , in the Presentation properties, representation, select "Info As Image". Set Image formatting, probably to "keep aspect".

But i cant get the images in folder other than manually putting these in images any help would be highly appreciated.