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Extracting a .zip file on a network location

I want to unzip a zip file that is on a network location. I know i can do an unzip in the reload using the below syntax:

Execute unzip -o "C:\Filepath\file.zip" -d "C:\Filepath"

When unzipping a local file, everything works as expected. However, whenever i try to unzip a file on the network (either using UNC paths or a mapped drive), it doesn't work. No error message, just no unzipped files.

I am almost 100% certain it is not a permissions issue, as i can run the equivalent commands in a cmd window and the unzip is successful.

So - are there any limitations on unzipping files on a network when reloading a Qlikview doc?

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Hello Brian,

Make sure that the script editor is allowed to execute external programs. To check that, fo to the script editor, and in the lower part where Data, Functions, Variables and Settings are, go to the Settings tab and check "Can execute external programs".

Hope that helps.

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Hi Miguel,

Thanks for your reply. I looked at this setting and it is checked, which is fine. When i run the script in Qlikview Desktop, the cmd window briefly flashes up but when i look at the folder where the files would be unzipped to, i don't see the unzipped files.

Any other ideas?

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Extracting ZIP file to local folder is ok.

Extracting ZIP file and writing back to network is crazy. Copy file to local disk, unzip, load in QV, delete the temp files after.




Create a simple batch file -which is later called from QlikView- with PAUSE command as the last line so you see that it's executing the right command (that unzip is in the environment variables so it is executed when called from QlikView). Obviously it's not, because there are no files in the destination folder, but at least that there are no unexpected errors from operating system.

Hope this shed some light

EDIT: What version of unzip are you using?