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Filter data on given input condition

Name SchoolcityFlag_class12Flag_class10ScoreHeader 7

large data only sample is shown here .

Raw data is as shown above: Flag_class12 :if student is in class 12 then 1 otherwise 0, similarly for Flag_class10.

we need to create a view with following options in output.


Drop down filter

Drop down filter

these are used to filter data on basis of city and school, now I need to invite some student to a event , user will enter then number,
and how many 12th students and how many 1th student must come, based on their scores

Total Students
user enter value

Class 12th
How many 12 th class student in percentage entered by used

Class 10 th
How many 10 th class student in percentage entered by use

Rest student based on scores:

output required :

Student Name Student class

Ex: suppose user select total students as 100, and 12th class as 20% and 10 th class as 40% then

in final table we require 20 12th student , then 40th student and rest 40 other students.

how can we create the last table with student name and class ??

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