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Filter for one sheet

Hello everyone,

I have a QV application with several sheets which contains tables/graphs ... about several clients.

I would like one of the sheets to be filtered on only one client. Is there a simple way to do it ? Or do I have to put set analysis or if conditions in each object of this sheet ?

Thank you.

Have a good day


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Master III


You could use alternate states on the objects of that sheet but ... there is an easyer way:

When you enter that sheet use a trigger to filter the client, when you leave that sheet, delete the selections:

Right Click on the sheet -> properties -> triggers - > add actions -> add -> Selections and select in field then

on the upper box write the field name, in the lower bow write the value you want to filer (The client name)

let me know



if its for several clients then i would suggest to do that using section access, this is the best way to implement security.

Based on the logged in user, it will provide access for the respective user.

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This did the trick for me, thank you! I was able to apply three selections when activating the sheet and then clear all selections upon leaving.