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Filter text field using variable input

Hello everyone,

I've got a database that contains a date, a text field (string), a label field (integer), and a result field (float). My first step was to plot an average of results where label = 1, for this I easily managed to do it by running Avg({<label={1}>}result) ... but this computes the average over all rows. Now, I'd like it to run only over certain rows for which the text field contains a specific keyword (to be entered by the user, it could be any word).

So I created a variable input called keyword and I'm trying to add to my formula this step that would say: fetch all text entries that contain this keyword and perform Avg({<label={1}>}result) for this selection.

Any thoughts on how to achieve that? I read about WildMatch and how to call a variable input '*$(keyword)*' but cannot figure out if that's what I should use and how to place it in the Avg() formula. 

Many thanks 🙂

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@joss_g  may be this

Avg({<label={1}, keyword_field = {"*$(keyword_variable)*"}>}result) 


I've been playing around with filters and tried to filter a text variable to find all elements that matched partially the text input. ... If the text field is {{text_here}} and then you use the regex command in the provided box it will work, but that's a pain .