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Financial Reporting & Hierarchy help

Something for the qlik gurus around.

I need to create typical P&L and Balance sheet reports. However the normal account code interval match wont work because the codes are non-sequential. The biggest challenge though is that the account hierarchy is a ragged hierarchy with irregular levels (e.g. one branch of revenue may have 3 levels another branch may have 4).

I am looking at using HierarchyBelongsTo functionality to identify the ancestors for each account. However I need some help on how to join that ancestor list to a financial report model.

For example:

A fictional ragged chart of accounts

Car A Sales > Car Sales > Revenue

Car B Sales > Car Sales > Revenue

Van Sales > Revenue

Car Costs > Cost of Sales

Van Costs > Cost of Sales

A P&L report has 3 rows

  1. Revenue
  2. Cost of Sales
  3. Gross Margin

Revenue and Cost of Sales could both be mapped to ancestors of the same name, but Gross Margin would need to be mapped to both Revenue and Cost of Sales

 Any advice on how I should model this is appreciated.



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Please  share some sample data and expected output. That will be more easy to get response soon.


Best I can offer is the Design Blog area of Community, there are some posts on both areas you mentioned:



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Contributor III

@DavidFoster1 did you ever find a solution for this?