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Flag non matches in a Right Join Load Script

Team, I have the below code that right joins data from an Excel file to an existing data set.  The result is that only data that matches the CS_MODEL_NUMBER below is kept.  The challenge that I am having is that because the Excel file is manager by humans it is possible for them to enter an incorrect CS_MODEL_NUMBER.  Is there a way for me to identify and flag CS_MODEL_NUMBER that came from the Excel and didn't match any existing CS_MODEL_NUMBER?  Then I could produce a count KPI and export table of the non matches


////CS Tower
Right Join
LOAD [Tower name] as [CS Tower],
[Model_Number (from Pandora)] as [CS Model],
[Model_Number (from Pandora)]as CS_MODEL_NUMBER,
[End Of Life Status (Yes / No )] as [Eol Status],
DATE([End Of Life Status Date (day/mon/year)],'DD-MMM-YYYY')as [End Of Life Status Date],

If(Len(Trim([End Of Life Status Date (day/mon/year)])) = 0, 'No End of Life Date',
If([End Of Life Status Date (day/mon/year)] < Today(), 'Past EoL',
If([End Of Life Status Date (day/mon/year)] <= Today()+365, 'Within 12 Months',
If([End Of Life Status Date (day/mon/year)] <= Today()+730, 'Within 24 Months','Beyond 24 Months'
)))) as [Duration to EoL]

[$(VExternalDirectory)EoL Tower data.xlsx]
(ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Sheet1]);

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You can try either ApplyMap or Not Exists in Where, to check the availability.


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Here is a link that may be of some further help along the lines of that post:


The only other thing of which I can think would be to load the Excel file into a temp resident table, sort/order it and then you could Peek() each ID to check if it exists in the other table etc, and if not, you could use a flag field to set that flag to a '1' else 0 to be able to dump those records out etc.  


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