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Forcing a Selection on an Empty Application

I am trying to force a particular filter to always be applied in my application. I am using a hidden field called _CurrentFlag so that my application will always have _CurrentFlag = 1.

I have a trigger on open that sets _CurrentFlag = 1, and then added a Selection box on a hidden tab where I have the "Always One Selected Value" option checked. This seems to work, until I removed all my data and then the selection box forgot/lost the AOS check box.

We reduce the data to move our files from server to server for speed. Is there anyway to set the field properties to AOS in the Data Model or another way to ensure that the Clear All functionality does not remove the _CurrentFlag filter? Basically, we just want to make the selection for the user and make it un-clear-able.

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Partner - Master III

if you want this value always selected

instead of using list box with one selected value

you can lock the field after the selection

this functionality will also work when you move empty apps between servers

the only one selected value must have values in the field to remain active

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How do you "lock" the field?

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I clicked Lock but then when I Reduced Data, moved the app and reloaded it the value wasn't locked and could be cleared.

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Using that macro as a trigger worked.