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Funny characters appearing when exporting from Qlikview to Excel

Hi all,

When we export a document from Qlikview to Excel the "" character appears in the CSV file.

It seems to appear after every 1000 record! 

It seems to appear in big files rather than small ones. Could it be that Qlikview, when processing big datasets, is batching them in 1000 records and this is when this character gets added??

Has anyone had this issuse before ?

How to fix it?



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It looks weird indeed. Did you contact support?


I think that's a byte order mark, aka BOM. That means the csv file is utf-8 encoded. That could well be since afaik Qlikview exports csv files in utf-8 encoding. If you view the file in something that thinks the file is ascii you can get the funny characters. In editors like notepad++ you can change the encoding to ascii and then save the file.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

We have the same issue with QV11 SR3. Could someone check it?

The Problem occurs with exporting via macro. But only if there are a lot of datasets (we have 300tsd).

Best regards



Yes, it's utf-8 byte order mark (BOM), usually it occurs at first in the file, just once. How you're doing the export?

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Hi Gysbert. This is happening to me on Qlik Sense as well. I've tried what you said but still have the same problem. Is very weird because it's not happening always, and it seems that the size of the data is not related to the issue. I'm thinking that it might be something on related to the sintax of the Store but not sure though. Any ideas on how to solve this?