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Creator II
Creator II

GUI | Advanced Navigation Menu

Hi Community!

My case associated with the correct organization of navigation menu using standart objects.

There is 2 levels of hierarchy (1 - Level / 2 - Product).


I've build it, based on objects "Text Box", using triggers / actions / condions and so on...

For processing the events of the first level in the navigation hierarchy meets the variable "vCB_LEVEL_01", for event handling second level "vNAV_PRODUCTS_01".

At different levels "Level" attributes, "Product" overlap:


and some not:


Task - is to organize 2 scenarious of sortring level of the "Product":

Scenario 1 - If value "products" _6.PNGselected then through the choice attribute "Product" at all levels "Level",


Scenario 2 - If value "products"_7.PNG doesn't selected then display always the first "Product", the choice of different levels "Level ".


The choice of selection sort is performed by selecting the value of the "Data Island".

The first option is implemented, second one - is not .

I will appreciate any fresh views / implementation.

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: Demo app in attachment.

2 Replies

It's not quite clear for me what do you want to do. It looked a bit like a "classical" html-navigation which expands by hoovering over the items whereby this couldn't be reached with the inbuilt qlikview-features but maybe with an extension it could be implemented.

Beside this if I had a similar task I would probably try to do it with chart-tables (the layout could be adjusted quite similar to the textboxes) which are filled through one or several (loosen) inline-tables and could then query the selections there within my other objects.

I'm not sure if you could get everything like you want with this method but I believe it will have more benefits than the textbox-trigger-variable approach.

- Marcus

Creator II
Creator II

Marcus, thanks for for considerations and advice.