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Gauge Chart with 3 segments with color gradients

Hi People,

I have a problem connected with gauge chart in QV (please see the attachment).

I want to have that from 0 to 75 % have a dark red which it would be changing to yellow, from 75 to 100 from yellow to dark green and above 100 % from dark green to light green.

The problem is how to set up colour gradients to show them fluently passing from one segment to another like in the second image attached to this post.

Maybe some of you had a similar problem?

All answers are welcome

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

Jacek Antek

4 Replies

What you want is not possible with that kind of gauge. You can try a lineair gauge. The example below has two segments with two-color gradients as background colors.


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Partner - Champion III

You could do this with more ranges in the gauge and maybe also playing with colour gradients in the segments:


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Thank you for your answers.

I think that regarding more ranges in the gauge - you can see further color differences within segments jonathan dienst.

Daniel Kusiak - Dziękuje za tematy (thank you for links!:)

Gysbert Wassenaar- I think that linear gauge would be better then 3 different segments.