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Generating Sample data on UI and exporting it to excel

Hi I am quite new to QLikview, i have loaded one table and now i want to generate a random sample from the table on my UI itself, is it possible?

I want the script to be dynamic, so even if i load multiple tables and apply filter for a particular table, it would show random data from that particular table on my UI.

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This request is a bit contrary to what QlikView is all about: "You make selections and your tables and charts will show you all associated data".

You could create arbitrary associations in your script by generating random key values on the spot. But that makes your data model behave in a non-random way, as you will still get predictable output every time you make the same selections...

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Agreed Peter,

Actually i want to see some rows from the tables present in my data,I have used Table box,selected a Particular table  and placed all column of that table on the right side of the selection, it works but i want to make it dynamic .I mean if i use table box ,i have to do it manually each time i add new data set consisting of new tables, as i have to select the tables again and put all rows using "add all" option, so in place if i load new tables, can the table box get populated automatically.

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Hi Tresesco,

Sorry i am quite new to this, So can you please explain how to use rand() in my script and how do i get the output on my UI?


You could do something like that using macro code (and only in QV Desktop) but that won't be the easiest thing to do.

Why don't you use the table viewer to inspect the loaded tables (and the first 1000 rows in each of them), and then decide on which tables you want to inspect in detail (and create table boxes for those)?

If you just want to figure out what's inside those tables, you can save them to QVD and use a QVD viewer to analyse them.



From your newer explanation, it seems that you are perhaps struggling in debugging when developing the app. If so, I guess you should rather try Table Viewer (Ctrl+T). In that view right click on your desired table ->Preview.

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Hi Tresesco ,

Got your point ,i am trying to replicate the preview part on my UI rather than going for control+T and then Preview method.

@Peter Thanks, it will work fine for as of now, and will explore the Macro method as well