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Gridlines on outside of clusterd columns bar chart, not in the middle


I have a clustered bar chart, with 5 bars per category, and the gridlines are showing up right in the middle of the 5 bars in each category.

Is there any way of getting the gridlines to show between each category instead?

Thanks for your help!!

1 Reply

You couldn't customize directly the gridlines like you want. Options to influence the gridlines could be the type of gridlines and the scale of the axis especially the interval-steps.

Another approach would be to create another expression for the grid whereby the bars are hidden or transparent - argb(0,0,0,0) - or you used a second bar-chart which will be overlapped from the first one and you adjust there various options, like the expression, scale and other layout-settings.

Further if your chart is quite static you could consider to replace the grid with a background-image or presentation-lines from tab presentation.

- Marcus