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Contributor III

Group List Box

Hi - I'm trying to create a new list box to select, based on different criteria.  The criteria are diagnostic scanners - however, I need some of the criteria to also be based on other criteria, not just on room alone.  For example CT in house is based on the same scanner / room criteria as CT Inpatient BUT I also need CT Inpatient to also be based on 'Inpatient' field only.  CT Inhouse grouping includes ALL patient types so is OK to leave as it is.

So, how can I add multiple set analysis type crtieria to my match statements to also add other criteria as a match?  Many thanks:


=If(Match([Room], 'CTMOB', 'CTMOB2', 'CSPI', 'CNUF', 'PETCT'), 'CT External',

If(Match([Room], 'MOBMR', 'RMR2', 'MSPI'), 'MR External',

If(Match([Room], 'OCT', 'SBS', 'SCS2', 'SCSU'), 'CT In-house',

If(Match([Room], 'SMR1', 'SMR2', 'SMR3', 'SMR4', 'SMR5', 'SNWMR'), 'MR In-house',

If(Match([Room], 'OCT', 'SBS', 'SCS2', 'SCSU'), 'CT Inpatient',

If(Match([Room], 'SMR1', 'SMR2', 'SMR3', 'SMR4' , 'SMR5' , 'SNWMR'), 'MR Inpatient',

If(Match([Room], 'SCSU', 'SCS2', 'SMR4' , 'SMR3'), 'ED'),


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Not entirely sure what needs to be added, but you should be able to add and or conditions to your if statement