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Creator III
Creator III

Need to associate cyclic group using a list box

Hi ,

I have created a cyclic group using 3 dimensions , for example Dim A, Dim B and Dim C and giving a name to group Dynamic.
I am using this cyclic group in couple of my charts.
Now with the help of one button i am toggling the values,Like when i click on the button the value of Dynamic group would change from Dim A to Dim B then again on click it will change to Dim C.

Below is the logic i am using;

create variable (i.e. vButton), assign default value to 1
create button with action - set variable, variable: vButton, value: =if($(vButton)=1,2,if($(vButton)=2,3,1))
create cyclic group (Edit groups) with 3 Used Fields and
=if($(vButton)=1,DIM A,if($(vButton)=2,DIM B,DIM C))

Now my requirement is , i want to create a list box consist of Dim A,Dim B and Dim C and
select dimension values from list box instead of togging using button.
So i created a inline table
ValueList, Flag
Dim A,1
Dim B,2
Dim C,3

and created a list box ValueList, now the challenge is to associate Value of ValueList with actual Dimensions .

Please advise.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Such a cyclic group is a native feature in QlikView and therefore you don't need to rebuild the logic. Within the document-properties is a tab groups and it could be also accessed from the dimension-tab (bottom left) within the objects.

- Marcus


Would you be able to share a sample file where you might have been testing this? It might be easy to help with a sample

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Sunny,

Thank you for your reply. I have limitation of sharing file. Anyway i have found alternative way to get this done. Just like 

creating listbox in Adhoc reporting.

Creator III
Creator III

Thank you Marcus, i wanted to put group in listbox in different way.

Thank you for your suggestion.