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Hi, i am new to Qlik, would like to group part of dimension.

In my dimension data there are negative value (-7 to -1), and then '0' onwards, i would like to group -ve value as one group, call it '-ve' and would like to take rest dimension as is in axis.

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May be use this

If(Len(Sum(Sales))<0, '-ve', rest) as Dimension

Then use Calculation as per your need

Before develop something, think If placed (The Right information | To the right people | At the Right time | In the Right place | With the Right context)

Hi Pankaj,

Check this also

if(num(Dim)<0,'-Ve',Dim) as Dim

for your practice


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Try like this

if(sign(sum(sales))=-1,'Negative','Positive') as Dim


in the front end expression

If(Sum(Sales)<0, '-Ve', Sum(Sales))


if(Sales<0,'-Ve',Sales) as Sales_New