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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Hide excluded gray data in list box?

Hi there,

Wondering if that is possible to hide excluded gray data in a list box for example I have customer 1, customer 2 and customer 3 and I have different products for each customer. When I select customer 1 then I would like to show products that is related to customer 1 only and hide products that is not related to customer 1 but customer 2 and 3.

Any help is appreciated.


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Lets say we have a field called [%Measure_Label] and another flag field  [%Measure_External_Flag] which has values 1,0 and works in Tandem with the %Measure_Label.

Based on Internal External Flag we would show the list values to the user.

if the user is Internal who should see all fields the set analysis variable vInternal_External_Selection should evaluate to *

and if  user is External who should see fields  with flag value 1 the set analysis variable vInternal_External_Selection should evaluate to 1