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Highlight selected fields of a bar chart

Hello there i saw a lot of sources about this and non of them helped me.

so here's the thing i have a graph where i count the contracts of the company by month base on current year, you can see the expression i'm using for it.


Dimension is CalendarMonth.

the sources i saw and didn't helped me were

Different Ways to Interact & Display Information With Bar Charts & Tables | QVDesign

Line Chart tricks: Displaying what's important

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May be use this for your Text color of + dimension

If(GetFieldSelections(FieldName) >0, LightGray(), Yellow())

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What are you trying to highlight here?

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trying to highlight the selected columns

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this is just giving a different color to the columns
I need to when I select one or more columns they rest to be gay and the one I selected to take another color