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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

How can I display a single user result as well as the organisation result total??

Dear Qlik Development Community,

I have a challenge at hand at one of my projects.

There are about 45 users in this organisation that get measured in 10 different areas resulting in a performance result.

Results can be percentages, money and numbers. I have the results of all users in a table.

These results need to be reported by user. I can create 2 objects on a sheet,

1 for the user (selected in a list box) and one for the organisational total (including the selected user).

However what I would like to get is 1 object that shows both results. I have been trying various things, but sofar without any luck.

Who can point me in the right direction??

Thanks, André

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If the expression that calculates a result for the user is sum(Amount) then the total for the organisation could be sum({<UserDimensionHere=>} TOTAL Amount).

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Gysbert,

I want to find the ytd

Ytd calcuation based on difference between current month and previous month

I have posted in community also and didnot get any reply.

Please help me to find the solution

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Gysbert, for the expression I was already clear. But how to do the dimension?

It needs to list the users name if that user is selected from the selection list, All other users need to be grouped as

'Organisation'. The same tables and selectionlist is used in a report, so I cannot mess around with the settings too much.


Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to do. Please post an example of the source data and the result you expect. A qlikview document that illustrates the problem would be useful.

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand
Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Gysbert, unfortunately I cannot post the customers data. I can describe what I want. A straight table with data for example looks like this, but then for 50+ users and 15+ KPIs:

John, 50 users

James, 65 users

Phill, 59 users

Catherine, 62 users

Organisation total: 236 users

I am running personalised 'reports' and for Phil I would like to show this:

Phil: 59 users

Organisation: 236 users

How I need to get to the KPI is clear to me. I want to show 1 user (from a list) and the organisation total.

I may have to detach the table since selecting 1 worker, it eliminates the other records. I may have to use set analysis with the 1 option iso $ to get the whole picture to select from. Did I make myself clear now??