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How can i Create sales Margin

Hii Iam very new to these tool i would like to create the sales margin for the sales data how can i create that and what is the measures and dimension should i take.

These are the columns are available in my sheet

Order DateRegionRepItemUnitsUnit CostTotal

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You can use Region, Rep, Item as Dimension and Measure would be sum(Sales)

You can create extra dimensions in Script to derive Year, Quarter & Month from Order Date.


Where and when can you use this, Study the formulae

Sales Margin Formula

To calculate your sales margin, first choose a time period. You might want to calculate monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Keep these time periods consistent for comparative purposes. Subtract your cost of sales from your total sales revenue. The result is the dollar value of your sales margin. Divide your sales margin in dollars by your total gross sales. The result is a percentage that indicates your sales (gross profit) margin. For example, last month your total sales were $50,000 and your cost of sales was $35,000. Your sales margin equaled $15,000. Dividing $15,000 by $50,000 (total sales) indicates that your sales margin was 30 percent for that month.

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