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How do I create a hierarchy for this data within a Qlikview Script?

Input Table:

1.01           1.01 Metric 1.01
1.02           1.02 Metric 1.02


           1. Number 1
1.03           1.03 Metric 1.03
1.04           1.04 Metric 1.04
1.05           1.05 Metric 1.05
A.01.01.02           2. Number 2
A.01.01        A. Category A
1.17           1.17 Metric 1.17
A.01.02.01           1. Number 1
1.18           1.18 Metric 1.18
1.19           1.19 Metric 1.19
1.2           1.20 Metric 1.20
1.21           1.21 Metric 1.21
A.01.02.02           2. Number 2
A.01.02        B. Category B
A.01Pillar 1


I have data that looks like the table above and I'm trying to build a hierarchy within the load script.

I assume I'd have to come up with a column such as the one below to link to the parent and then use the Hierarchy() function.

Can someone please help me out with doing this with a load script? The data order and format will be as shown in the table above and the one below is the output I'd feed into Hierarchy().

I would appreciate any help on making this output table, as shown below.

Output Table:

1.01           1.01 Metric 1.01A.01.01.01
1.02           1.02 Metric 1.02A.01.01.01


           1. Number 1A.01.01
1.03           1.03 Metric 1.03A.01.01.02
1.04           1.04 Metric 1.04A.01.01.02
1.05           1.05 Metric 1.05A.01.01.02
A.01.01.02           2. Number 2A.01.01
A.01.01        A. Category AA.01
1.17           1.17 Metric 1.17A.01.02.01
A.01.02.01           1. Number 1A.01.02
1.18           1.18 Metric 1.18A.01.02.02
1.19           1.19 Metric 1.19A.01.02.02
1.2           1.20 Metric 1.20A.01.02.02
1.21           1.21 Metric 1.21A.01.02.02
A.01.02.02           2. Number 2A.01.02
A.01.02        B. Category BA.01
A.01Pillar 1-


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Are you expecting like this !

Before develop something, think If placed (The Right information | To the right people | At the Right time | In the Right place | With the Right context)
Champion II
Champion II

How do you identify Parent for a Code, do you have a mapping table or Logic?? please explain

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Yes, but with the data I have provided. Thanks for the response. I am very new to Qlikview, so could you please adapt such a solution to my data?