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Creator III
Creator III

How to Load SQL Server Stored Procedures

Hello Experts,

I have one Sp(Stored Procedure) i want to load that sp into our .qvw

How write that stored procedure query (sp) of ms sql server 2012 in load script here I am mentioning my sp also

exec sp_Reports_JobActivityTracker @HiringManagerID=0,@RecruiterID=0,@EntereDateTo='10/30/2018',@EntereDateFrom='1/1/2016',@CompanyID=0

Please Help me out from this


Thank you in advance


B V S Sudhakar

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Master II
Master II

Check the below link and hope this helps (Look for the reply from " Johannes Sunden " in the below link)

SQL Stored Procedure into QlikView

2) One more link:

     Calling Stored Procedure in Qlikview