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Partner - Contributor

Issue with calendar object on qlik view server

Hi ,

I am facing issue with the qlikview server (qlik view 12) where the qlikview reports in my local or client has the calender object which works fine and shows the data till the date where data is there in table ,but when I try to access the same in server through browser(internet explorer 11,chrome or mozzila) it shows the data one day behind and we are not able to select the date for which actually data is there in calender object.

We are facing this problem only with calendar object.

Please assist if anybody has any suggestions.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Priyam,

Do you upload data on server , I think its not uploaded successfully

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

The data is loaded daily into tables and data is there because the same report if we check on client it allows us to filter the data till the max date ,the data is available ,but on server though the data is there but when we try to filter using calendar object it only allows to select max(date till which data is present) - 1 day ,apart from calendar object if we filter using any other object it shows the data till the max date for which data is there.

Problem is only with calendar object and only on qlikview server.