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Creator III
Creator III

How to build a report where a deal has not been worked for at least 5 days .?

Hi All ,

How can I create a report which will have the deals which will show the member_id has not worked on the deal for at least 5 days.

My DB looks like below . the deal table looks like below.



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Specialist II
Specialist II

There are multiple ways of doing this, on of which is - get the max of the Update date by the member ID (calculating this in the script would be easier) then compare the maxMemberDate with the MaxSelectedDate-5 in the expression.

Variable - vMinDate = max(CalendarDate)-5

Count({<maxMemberDate ={"<=$(vMinDate)"}MemberID)

If the MaxSelectedDate is always today, then this can also be achieved at script level. Just compare the maxMemberDate  with Today()-5 and flag the records. Use the flag in the front end expression.

I hope this makes sense.