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How to copy a sheet's URL to clipboard with a button object?

I have details of a sheet based on a given value and I want to copy the resulting URL to clipboard, either via script or UI, using a button object.

Example URL which changes based on the highlighted value (in red) the user selects from another sheet:


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Champion III
Champion III

Can you elaborate a little with some example data? What is that red value where is that value coming from? Where is the URL stored?

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Hi Vishwarath,

From Sheet 01, for example, we have the following data....

Project Name    Project Number    Leader    Workstream


ProjectA            12344                Leader1     WS1

ProjectB            12345                Leader2     WS2

ProjectC            20460                Leader3     WS3

When the user clicks on the Project Number (ie, 20460), a new sheet opens (SH04) with just the details for that project number (Name, Leader, Workstream). That sheet has it's own URL (as indicated in the original post). The user is asking for a way to simply copy that URL to clipboard. I know that they can simply highlight the URL from the browser and copy, but they want a button that can do that.

Thanks for any help!

Champion III
Champion III