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    URL Composer = compute an Access-Point link and pass selection values, open sheets etc.

    Christof Schwarz

      You may be aware, that you can pass additional query strings when opening a QlikView app from the AccessPoint in order to pass field selections or bookmarks, to open a desired Worksheet or just one object instead of the entire app.

      something like



      There is good documentation around, for example by Stefan Walther here QlikView Mashups - Simple Document Integration

      However, getting the syntax right can be quite challenging.


      This little tool will help you compute the proper URL in a simple manner, as at the end you just make selections and the tool will compute the corresponding url and all querystrings automatically.


      • Download the attached QVW
      • Copy all its objects to a new sheet in your app (in that app, which you like to create the url for)
      • Copy some lines of source code from the top text object into the load script of that app
      • Reload that app.
      • Now you just make the selections in the frontend as usual and return to the new sheet.
      • Select, which of your selection you will like to add to the url
      • Optionally make some more settings (bookmarks, target sheet, single object ...)
      • You can see, copy, and click the complete URL at the bottom of the sheet

      If you want to see a how-to.use videos check this:

      • Tutorial Video (Flash Video), attached
      • Behind the curtains (Flash Video), attached


      New Version v1.12 (24-Oct-13) is using the syntax select=LBxx,(value1|value2|valueN) instead of select=LBxx,value1,value2,valueN ... this simply works better and allows to pass wildcards, too ;-)



      • Create a new bookmark with no selections at all. Use this bookmark together with the selections in the URL. This will force the app to first clear all selections (via the bookmark) and then to add the passed selections. Otherwise the passed selections come on top of the current selections (last saved selections or the user selections made during the current session)