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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to create a synthetic dimension

I need a solution to populating the cycle field (column I).     The cycle formula is based on the units field in (column "D").


  Vendor = 1

  Column D = Pounds

  Cycle = ( Min (column C) / PoundsDA (column Q) )  *  (calendar day (column K)/ Total Ship Days (column J)

Keep in mind the unit  measure in column D will change and when it does the formula will need to change


  Vendor = 27

  Column D = Cube

  Cycle = ( Min (column C) / CubeDA (column P) )  *  (calendar day Column K/ Total Ship Days column J)

Columns E- T are expressions that have been moved to variables so for discussion purpose

  Column E = V1  (variable 1)

  Column F = v2

  Column G = V3

  Column H = v4

  Column I = v5

  Column J = v6

  Column K = v7

  Column L = v8

  Column M = v9

  Column N = v10

  Column 0 = v11

  Column P = v12

  Column Q = v13

  Column R = v14

  Column S = v15

  Column T = v16

The book "Qlikview Your Business" has some functionality using Synthetic Dimensions and valuelist, match & pick functionality.   Initially I thought this would work but I haven't been able to implement this strategy.     I'm looking for any input or options that would key off the Units fields and allow me to use multiple formulas to populate this field.


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