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How to get old application if application crashed

Hi all,

Please help me I am using QlikView 11.20 SR7 personal edition. The qvw application become crashed, I don't have any backup. The size of the application naw 0kb. How can I get back my previously saved application.

Please help It's urgent.

Thanking You


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Creator III
Creator III

You need to Goto Settings->User Preferences ->Save-> Check 'Save before reload' before reloading any application. There is no way you can retrieve the original application now if you don't have a backup or a previous version of it.


Hi Anup,

If you have the Start Page enabled in QV Desktop, try Right Click on the Dashboard, then 'Open xxx without data'. it may not work, but its' worth a try


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depending on your windows setup you might have previous versions enabled on that folder, so there might be a copy there if that's the case, have a look

hope that helps