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How to get the first or last instance


May I ask how to get the first or second or last instance for the query below.

I would like get the first and second instance of Transferre Date per Ticket. But as you can see in the attached image, most of the ticket number have duplicates because one ticket can transfer many times. My problem is how will I be able to get the first and second instance of transferred date.

Thank you

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If you use "Ticket" as dimension in a chart, and your "Transferred Date" is correctly interpreted as a date, then you can simply use

   Date(Min([Transferred Date]))

for the first "Transferred Date" for that ticket. And you can use

   Date(Min([Transferred Date], 2))

for the second "Transferred Date".


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Hi Henric,

Im sorry for confusion.

I have four fields to use for this script.

1. Ticket

2 Assignee

3. Date Opened

4. Transferred Date.

Query 1: My dimension will be the Assignee, and im going to count the tickets transferred in first instance. Ticket number may have duplicates depends on how many times it was transferred.

Query 2: Same as with Query 1 but this time im going to get the second instance of transferred date.

Thank you


I would then try:

Query1: Count(Aggr(distinct Min([Transferred Date],1),Ticket))

Query2: Count(Aggr(distinct Min([Transferred Date],2),Ticket))