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Creator III
Creator III

How to give an section access in ranking scenario

Dear Experts,

We have a ranking for stores.

Section access has been provided based on the NTNAME(ADID) and Store wise.

But here the user belongs to one Store. His rank is showing always "1",which is not correct.

If there is no section access then Ranking is showing correctly.

May i know how to show the ranking in this case?

Thanks in advance.

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Champion III
Champion III

Can you share a sample file you are working on?


Hi Kumar.

As I see, the ranking is showing "1" because your model has "data reduction", therefore the data to rank belongs to the same store only.

You can try next:

On your load script you could load a second table changing column name related to section access. It will allow you to see information of another stores ("Costcentre" on this example).

To see clearly the example, try with different users.

section access.rar - Google Drive

I hope it helps you.