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How to interrupt reload and throw error if field is empty?


I load data from excel files and I want to interrupt reload and throw error if some of column cell is empty.

Some ideas?

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this dont throw error:

if(len(column1)=0, 1/0, column1) as Column1
from ......

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In order to interrupt script execution you can use "exit script".
With the trace statement you can write error messages into log file and script execution progress window.


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I haven't found a command to throw exceptions but instead i use a dummy call to a sub that does not exist:

if someError then
     call ThrowException('Error: some kind of error');  // the sub doesn't exist ==> qv error
end if

This will propagate an error back to the publisher and report the task as failed. If sometime in the future qliktech will implement a (or I learn how of) way to throw exceptions, for instance by letting us set "ScriptError", then it is easy to create the sub ThrowException to use that feature.

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Contributor III


   if(len(column1)=0, 'error', '') as event   // this won't pickup null values.



let idxevent=FieldIndex('event','error');

if idxevent>0 then




       from 'field is zero'(qvd); // should be a non existing file.