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How to load 2 Qvd's into one Qvd

I am having a qvd which cossits of Jan to Nov data and  and other Qvd only Dec data

now by using this Qvd'S I should make one Qvd called Totalqvd

and also this process will be continued every month like in march again the Jan data will be added to the Totalqvd and this should happen automatically

how can we do it

and this monthly data we will be pulling from a specific path where the files are stored

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Some of the examples must help you.

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ya stored it in other path

now i stored jan12 to nov 12

and dec 12 in one qvd called totalqvd

now when i am loading the total qvd in that one i can able to see only Dec data and the data jan 12 to nov12 is missing

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i got the answer when i concatenate them and load it

but the thing is it should happen automatically how is it possible