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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to mark Hierarchy to Fields


I wouldn't know if is to title this discussion as:

  1. How to mark Hierarchy to Fields?
  2. Is there a way to associate/relate fields of table A to rows (registries) of table B?
  3. How to parameterize values that are already there loaded from a cross table.

'2' is more interesting if it is possible, '3' would solve the problem faster, but '1' is the ideal.

Imagine I have a table like this:


We can see row 3 would be the header for QV. QV Can recognize this, no problem.

We can see 1.1.1 is child to 1.1.0. How can QV recognize this? How can I tell QV that 1.0.0 is parent of 1.1.0 and 1.2.0?

I attach more explanation in the powerpoint. I attach a qvw with this simpler table loaded. And the excel file.

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check out this example: Hierarchy and Hierarchy Belongs to

and this Hierarchies

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks jsardhi. But there is a difference.

While that is a fine example (best one I've seen so far) of how to use Hierarchy, it's not similar to what I pretend to do.

It would be similar if it had a table with these fields: "South Zone", "AP Region", "Kadiri", "Cuddapa", "Kurnool", "Bellary", etc.

In the example "Bellary" is the data in the intersection "Row###" (a row) and "Location6" (a column).

But for what I pretend "Bellary" is not data but both Data and a Field/Column with data for each row.

The same for "South Zone", "AP Region", "Kadiri", "Cuddapa", "Kurnool", "Bellary", etc. Each is a field with lots of data.

The question is how to connect two tables, not Field-Field... but Field-Registry. As I don't think that's possible, I ask because I'm not a pro and there might be a way.
If there's no way, there are other options maybe.

Thanks again!