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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to optimize and reduce size of application?

Hi Folks,

I need your inputs on how to reduce the application size or what is the best optimal way.

1. In my application there are two parts Summary and Detailed reports and we are showing historical data for past 4 years. Due to which the application size has crossed above 100 MB. But we have limitation of 50 MB for each application to deploy it on production.

How can i resolve this problem?.The user requires data for past 4 years in the dashboard.

Is it the best approach to split the dashboard? or what could be another solution for it keeping in mind performance and mainainence.

Please help with your valuable inputs.

Thanks in advance



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I recommend you to use the Document Analyzer qlikview app which will give an overview of the resources that your app consumes and will give you some advises.

hope it helps,


Master II
Master II

Hi Rohit,

You can explore the Document Analyzer as mentioned above by Andrei, if that dosent work then you can look into possibilities to reduce the application into multiple using loop and reduce.


Best Regards,
Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I'd try to split the app in two (Summary and Details) and link them using Document Chaining approach.

Using Document Analyzer always gives a few good tips to reduce app size (like dropping unused fields). (Also, browse author's website for more tips and tricks: http://qlikviewcookbook.com/)

You can also check for long string keys and use Autonumber() to simplify them.

If possible, round your numbers and floor your dates.

Check for any long string fields and make 300% sure you really need to have them in the app.