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Contributor III
Contributor III

How to set relative path for Qv.exe in Batch Script (Environmental Variable)

Hi Team,

I want to reload the Qlikview application using windows Batch File. Have to set default DIR Path for Qv.exe.

I have tried with creating variable but it is not working when i add 2 directory path. It is working for one directory path.

SET QV_Exec_Path=C:\Program Files\QlikView;D:\Program Files\QlikView

"%QV_Exec_Path%\Qv.exe" /r "D:\Sample.qvw"

Please help me with some ideas.Thanks

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Former Employee
Former Employee

I believe you are referring to Windows Environment Variables here, run the following in Windows PowerShell, believe that is what you want:

get-help about_Environment_Variables

That will get you all the Help doc on how to set things.


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