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Contributor II
Contributor II

How to transpose rows to columns

Hi! I'm pretty new to Qlikview. I'm working on a report which compares the retail volume between a period and the previous one. I calculated a lot of "complex" (long) expressions within a pivot table chart and the result looks like this:


The column after country contains the labels from the expressions I created and the next column is the result of the expressions. My intention is to create a stacked bar chart consisting in 3 series: RISE, FALL and BASE with 5 categories each (RV_201901, CC, VD, PR and RV_201902) so I need for the pivot table to look like this:


but if I just pivot (drag) the column with the expression labels to the column side it transposes the table completely and that's not what I need.  I want to keep the 5 categories as dimensions and transpose only the 3 series.  I have  no idea on how to do this. If it's possible to give a name to the column which contains the labels of the expressions and to the column which contains the results of the expressions?

I need a graph like this:


And this is how is looking right now because I could only transpose all values:


Thanks so much for helping me!!!!

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Take a look at the genetic load feature to solve this issue.

I recommend you to read @Henric_Cronström blog post
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