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How to use, round-robin fashion, a named UserCal from two different machines...?

I have a user who wants to use his QV client from two different machines. He has been assigned a (server based) license key and it works fine for his desktop machine. But, he also wants to give presentations of his work using his (2nd) laptop machine. He would not be using his 1 Named UserCal on both machines at once, at the same time, but would close down one before opening the other.

How to allow him to get an assigned UserCAL license from the server, first from his desktop, then (after closing desktop qv client) to get that same UserCal license activated for his laptop.... then vice-versa when his demo/presentation is concluded?


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Master II
Master II

If you're using a Named Cal, then it shouldn't make any difference what machine you're using to access QlikView Server as long as you use the same username.

Beware that license borrowing for offline access and development is limited to two machines (or so I've heard).

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Ok, I agree, should work fine. Doesn't seem to be.

It'd be way cool if there is a set of steps to ensure he can open QV client on his desktop, sign-in (or whatever) to the QV server, get a license, use it, then disconnect (close down QV client), go to his laptop, open it's local QV client, login to QV server, get his lic/key for that session, do his presentation then when done, close laptop QV client down, go back to desktop, etc...

Revoking then re-instating his lic/key will tag him with the 24hour quarantine, not a good way to swtich from desktop to laptop for presentation, back to laptop...