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I need help with creating a Master Calendar. I have two dates from the same table.



I have read many documents and tried to figure out this myself but I need a little extra help...

So I have this table called Estimate. Now for every estimate put into the system there is an Entry Date also known as the "Bid Date" now once that Bid is accepted then there is a Reward Date. Both dates are located under the Estimate file

I am creating a report that has every detail on the estimate. I would like for my end user to have the ability to select the month Feb. and see all the Entry Dates made for that month as well as the older Entry Dates that now have Reward Dates.


What my table is doing now when I select Feb as the month, it shows All Entry Dates in Feb and  Reward Dates in Feb. that has Entry Dates In Feb. For example the top image is what my report is doing now and below that is what I want it to do. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!Incorrect.PNG




What I want is below:


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Master II
Master II

Hi Neena,

Please don't create duplicate threads.

Learning never stops.