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Creator III
Creator III

Expression color not working in a grouped Pie chart

Hi Guys,

I am not able to assign desired colors to the the dimensions that I have used for my Grouped(two separate fields) Pie chart.

So, I have two dimensions i.e. Region and Status. For region the RGB color codes i am loading from a color_code file(Field: Region_colorcode) and for Status(Met/Not Met), i am just trying to give two random RGB colors but I am only getting colors for regions in the chart not the status and that too only in the Pie, the legends show some other random color for both the fields.

I tried using GetFieldSelections(),GetCurrentField() or simply using nested If conditions for each Dimension value but couldn't make it work.

I really need to get this color implementation done otherwise the chart has no value, so please let me know how can i achieve this.(See the chart screenshot below).






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Master II
Master II

Use the color code in the back ground color of the expression.
Learning never stops.
Creator III
Creator III

I tried but it's reflecting only for one layer(Region dimension) and only in Pie not the Legend and for Status, not reflecting at all.