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Ideas for a Supply Chain Network

I would like to develop a QlikView application that will show a map with manufacturing locations and lanes to warehouse and distributions centers.  I would also like to show directional lines showing the lane out of the manufacturing location to the warehouses or distribution centers.

Data would be simpy laid out in the following manner.


Name, Physical Address

Manufacturion Location Name A, Physical AddressA

Manufacturing Location Name B, Physical AddressB

Warehouse Location Name C, Physical Address C

Distribution Location Name D, Physical Address D

Distribution Location Name E, Physical Address E

Lanes: (Lanes would all be one direction From Location - >> To Location)

From Location, To Location

Manufacturion Location Name A, Warehouse Location Name C

Manufacturion Location Name B, Warehouse Location Name C

Warehouse Location Name C, Distribution Location Name D

Warehouse Location Name C, Distribution Location Name E

Has anyone built at this type of application?  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Maybe Jean-Jacques flux demo here is of interest for your request: