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Import objects from xml created by Export Document Layout...

I have created 3 charts in a qvw. I exported these charts using the "Export Document Layout...". See attached.

The client wants to be able to import these charts (or different charts) into another qvw or qvw's depending on the deployment - in short they want a standard document (qvw) that they can deploy that is not changed but they can add new charts to without changing the qvw.

I have read this post by Rob and it seems that if my document is called tool.qvw I just need to create a folder called tool-prj and it should magically work. Unfortunately I tested it and nothing happened.

I know this is a crazy requirement, but is there a way to externalize charts/objects in the same way that we can externalize scripts so we can create a base document (qvw) but customize it by changing the externalized scripts and charts/objects.

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