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Input Box not Working in IE


I have an input box that allows the user to enter a date, the application will then create a stock position as of this date.

It works fine in development but once opened in IE you cannot enter anything, it as if the input box is frozen. The app does contain c11m rows.

Does anybody have any advice ?

Many thanks


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Master II
Master II

If your are using the IE Plugin, you might try reinstalling the plugin.


Hi Darrell

If you are able to open your QVW via the ie plugin it is likely you are using ie11 and the plugin is not likely to be the issue. just make sure the plugin is the most upto date as there are two versions one with the addition of 'fix' in the filename, I had a number of users with scrolling problems etc..... the only solution was to either revert to ie10 or update to QV11 SR5 which sorted the problemm and was easy to impliment.

The updates are on this site, a ie11 search will help direct you, if you have issues finding it I can post a link.