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Specialist II
Specialist II

Interval Scenario Help

Hi Guys,

I have one scenario in which i getting data every second a day

i.e. 25-Sep-15 12:00:01 AM

     25-Sep-15 12:00:02 AM

     25-Sep-15 12:00:03 AM

     25-Sep-15 12:00:04 AM

     25-Sep-15 12:00:05 AM

     25-Sep-15 12:00:06 AM

      so on...

     25-Sep-15 01:01:02 AM

     25-Sep-15 01:10:03 AM

     25-Sep-15 01:20:04 AM

I want to extract intervals between them like below


     25-Sep-15 12:00:01 AM

     25-Sep-15 01:00:01 AM

     25-Sep-15 03:00:01 AM

     25-Sep-15 04:00:01 AM

     25-Sep-15 05:00:01 AM

so on

Any Suggestion??

I tried this and getting the output as well, but i am loosing those record which are coming like suppose my first record is at

12:10:01 AM and Second record is at 01:11:01 AM in that case i am not getting record at 01:11:01 AM..

Any Suggestions??

I am Attaching data and sample Qvw file as well..

I do require the first timestamp as a first record and than suppose if i have selected Interval 5 than it should give me Records as per Above output required and if there is no record after five minutes and data comes at 6th Min than it should show me over their for interval 5 ans so on for other intervals.



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Specialist II
Specialist II

Pls revert...thanks


Hi Abhay,

Why don't you try with Pivot Table upon hourly basis