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Is it possible to animate within Qlikview? If yes are there any good extensions available?

I am new on Qlikview and have been thrown in a new project. We are looking to introduce slide in animation effects in the tool.

Is that possible? Are there any useful links that could help me get started on that or any useful extensions available?


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Master II
Master II

You will probably need an extension for that, but there are other cool things you can do like creating moving banners and using ODD(SECOND(NOW())) in conditional layout to have flashing text objects etc...


You could check with the Animate option in Dimension tab.

Also take look at the link



Hi Vartika,

As Alan suggests you will want to be looking to Extensions to introduce animations into you QlikView documents.  These are objects created using web scripting languages (such as JScript) that are embedded into your document.  They can receive data and events from the document that they are hosted in - so your animations can be data aware.

If you Google for QlikView extensions you should find plenty of documentation and examples.

Introducing animation by using interrupt events in QlikView natively is generally accepted to be a bad idea, as time spent processing interrupts gets in the way of crunching the numbers.

Hope that helps,