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Is there a way to use MongoDB code when using the Qlikview Connector?

Hi, I am using the Qlikview connector to connect to a mongodb and the connection works fine. However, I was wondering if there was a way to add code, such as a find criteria, to filter the data I download into qlikview. Or is downloading the entire mongodb collection the only way currently? Thanks!

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Specialist II
Specialist II


It's a good question/suggestion - thanks for posting. Currently we only support a full download but it should be possible to add a filter input box. I would just need to find some time to get a bit more up to speed on MongoDB.

Could you reply either here or directly to me with a few examples of the kind of criteria you would need supported to give me a starting point?



You can use MongoDB´s simple REST interface. See attached example.

- Ralf

Vizlib Head of R&D
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Specialist II

Just a quick note to say that we have a brand new version of our QVSource MongoDB Connector for QlikView released today.

MongoDB Connector For QlikView - QVSource - The QlikView API Connector (Docs)

This supports JSON Queries so that you can filter the data you need to load into QlikView from your collections.